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Monday, March 15, 2010

This is why we do what we do!!!! (It's a *GOOD* story)

Mr. Peabody, nine-months-old husky, left runs in his cart with his owner and veterinarian Ann Campbell at Plaza Pet Clinic Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Mr. Peabody's was attacked by a bobcat when he was just a week old. He survived the attack but lost both his hind legs.

Mr. Peabody is the luckiest husky on two wheels.
Just days old when he was maimed by a bobcat, he now rolls through his northwest-side neighborhood in a doggie wheelchair looking sassy and self-assured.

Life could have been much different for Mr. Peabody.

The backyard breeders who planned to sell Mr. Peabody and his littermates didn't want to spend the money to have a vet euthanize the puppy after his hind legs, part of his tail and part of a front paw were gnawed off by a bobcat last summer.

Neighbor Robi Campbell learned of the situation and confronted one of the breeders.

"She (the breeder) said when her husband came home they would probably drown him."

Horrified, Campbell called Pima Animal Care Center and her veterinarian, Ann Campbell, no relation.

"It destroyed me to know these people did this," Robi Campbell said.

A day later, an animal control officer investigated and found a second injured pup - her tail had been chewed off. The puppy was taken to Ann Campbell's office, Plaza Pet Clinic on West Ina Road, where the husky was treated and placed in an adoptive home.
Though Mr. Peabody's injuries were severe, the vet opted to try and repair the damage.

"I just felt he was meant to be here," said the vet. "If he survived for two or three days with those injuries, who am I to say he has to die? He had a will to live. All you can do is offer help and see if they run with it."

Mr. Peabody has learned to negotiate the small veterinary clinic and Ann Campbell's home by using his front legs to scoot along on his butt, chasing after toys and his new owner's cats. He weighed just 2 pounds when he was found, and now, at 8 months, tips the scales at 55 pounds.

Ann Campbell fashioned Mr. Peabody's doggie wheelchair from roller skate parts and a knee pad. In October he was fitted with a cart he could grow into. After watching - then chasing - one of Ann Campbell's neighbors who uses a wheelchair, Mr. Peabody got the idea.

"Peabody had a Helen Keller moment," the veterinarian said. "You should have seen the look on his face: 'I get it!' "

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